Civil Engineering

Our civil engineering experience spans across road works (new roads, road widening), drain works (new drains, drain upgrading), linkways, sewer works (new sewers, sewer diversions) and earthworks.

Clients choose us for our ability to solve challenging issues, while balancing site constraints, environment, and adhering to regulations.

Structural Engineering

We put great thought into accommodating your designs while finding creative ways to improve and enhance the design’s performance through our expertise and experience. We work closely with your team to achieve your goals.

We provide holistic solutions to your building design, including foundations, sub-structures, super structures, using materials including reinforced concrete, structural steel, light gauge steel and timber.

Project Management

We provide services overseeing your consultant team and contractors, driving and managing the time, cost, quality and safety of the project to ensure the project is delivered according to your approved specifications.

Façade Engineering

Façades and a building’s covering are strong influencers of a building’s commercial and operational success. A suitable façade is not just visual, but also has impact on smooth, trouble free maintenance spanning areas of energy use, ambient temperature.

Structural Assessment

We provide audit and assessment services associated with residential, commercial or industrial structures and public works infrastructure.

SC Consultants are familiar with building codes in Singapore.

Value Engineering

Our value engineering services are aimed to identify and eliminate high cost areas in the design, striking a balance between resource usage efficiency while minimizing construction costs.

We review your proposal and examine the materials selected; we explore possibilities of working towards more efficient and effective design while maintaining the structural integrity.

Periodic Inspections and Permit Applications

Our services include:

  • BCA Periodic Inspection – We have a wholesome track record for Condominiums, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Institutional Buildings and Conservation Buildings.
  • BCA ERSS Submissions – Earth Retaining & Stabilizing Structures submissions for earth works. We provide design and submission for ERSS works of various scales, including PE. Geo services.
  • PUB ECM Submissions – Earth Control Measure submissions for earth works. Our Engineer, Er. Cheng received special mention from as the QECP (Qualified Earth Control Personnel) with good submission records.
  • LTA PROMPT ROA Submissions – Road Opening Application submissions for works that will impact traffic operation during the course of your construction works.
  • MOM Lifeline Design Application – Required for works that involve set up of lifeline for safety provision in the course of construction works